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What is the additional test for adrenal insufficiency (besides bloods)?

Had bloods done this morning. Managed to remember not to take my levo, thank goodness. One thing being tested for is adrenal insufficiency. But, the endo said simple bloods probably won't be sufficient and depending on the results, she might have me do another test. I can't recall what that is exactly. So, if anyone knows (I do recall it had drinking something and then more blood drawn -- to be done at local hospital). Thanks.

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Shory or long Synacthen, I suspect.


Ah, yes, I think it was the short synacthen she mentioned. Doesn't sound like much fun.


I think she may have been talking about a short synacthen test - I had one of these done a few weeks ago. If its the same test she will do a normal cortisol blood test first and depending on the results (if they show an irregularity) she will then order a short synacthen test to be done.

This will mean you going into hosp for a few hours - usually by 8.00 am where bloods will be drawn, half an hour later you will be injected with a hormone and then half an hour after than more blood will be draw, then you will be free to go home.

It doesn't hurt and in my hosp I was offered tea and biscuits so there isn't anything to worry about.

Here's a link for you to read.

There is a 24hr saliva test that can be done but the NHS don't usually use this.

Moggie x


Yes, this sounds right. Had bloods done last Wednesday, so results should be available this week.


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