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Blood test results

Please can someone with more understanding than me translate this reading for me. I plucked up the courage to ask my GP for them, for the first time yesterday and she said, of course, but when I looked I dont think she's given me much!

Endocrinology 1: 24/3/11 6/06/11 1/09/11 13/10/11 23/01/12 10/1/13 25/2/13 5/4/13

Plasma TSH 3.25 6.81(+) 6.96(+) 5.45 5.07 14.22(+) 6.57(+) 12.25

level (mu/L)

Free T4 9.6 9.5 10.3 8.7 10.9 10 10.1 9.6

It must be fairly bad because I was called in only a couple of hours after having the test and she has now doubled my thyroxine from 25 to 50 micrograms per day.

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You really need the ranges for the tests, they are usually given in brackets after the result..Your TSH is rising and seems to be far too high for someone on levothyroxine treatment.

Your Free T4 looks too low.

25mcg is an extremely low starting dose.

Hope things improve with the increase.



Thank you Janet, I didnt think I had everything I should have. So what does it mean my TSH is rising! I try hard reading the information but with my incredible fuzzy brain I just cant take it in. (what should I have asked for? I said could I have my readings and expected I would get everything that had been recorded.


Where there is a + sign in brackets after a number it means that the result is above the 'normal' range. you started at TSH 3.8 and are now at 12.25(if I am reading your results correctly).

It looks as if the top normal of the TSH range is around 5 so all results over this show signs of Hypothyroid condition.



Good Medical Practice which says that

Documents you (the Doctor) make (including clinical records) to formally record your work must be clear, accurate and legible.

Clinical records should include:

a relevant clinical findings

b the decisions made and actions agreed, and who is making the decisions and agreeing the actions

c the information given to patients

d any drugs prescribed or other investigation or treatment

e who is making the record and when.


You must give patients* the information they want or need to know in a way they can understand.

If I were in your position I would either phone or see your GP and request that she explains to you exactly what it all means.


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