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blood test


Been back to the nurse this morning for more blood test as I am feeling worse, my last results were low TSH 0.012, t3 t4 borderline, I have been doing my the temperature test every morning and been 35.7 so not sure what this means, she has told me to take some b12 vitamins I get results back for my other blood test on friday so will ask for exact levels.

Thanx Tracy

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Hi Tracy,

have you ever been tested for B12? if not I'd ask to be tested before starting on taking it, not because B12 supps are harmful, on the contrary they would probably benefit you, however if you have a deficiency you will be much better off with your GP prescribing a course of injections to boost levels up straight away.

by fT3 and fT4 borderline what do you mean? borderline low or high? if you feel hypo they may be low, however knowing for sure will be good.

If you can get test results for TSH T3 and T4, you can look at this matrix to see what may be the interpretation.

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