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Test results for underactive thyroid 8weeks since thyroid removal op

My test results t4-19.4 t3-6.7 had overactive thyroid since age 14 now 23 had thyroid completely removed 8weeks ago so now underactive still feel tired and weak muscles but test results saying I'm high.. What does everyone else think do I pressure my specialist to give me more dosage I'm on 125mcg levo(t4)and 20mcg livo(t3)..

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Hi Normally post surgery as some thyroid always left, is treated the same way as pre surgery. ie on blood results. Good you had T4 and Free T3 but also need TSH. More important the ranges for those test, and any others, all ranges differ. it is also very early days aftect the OP , and it does take a while to settle. I would be more inclined to check my Iorn/Ferritin, B12 and Foliates, vit D and glucose.Then wait a litle while. At the moment you are bound to feel rotten anyway,

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