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Information to take to endo

I have been re-referred to endo and I am going to do my utter most to convince him to prescribe me NDT. Apart from the petition to the Scottish Parliament I would like to bring some information, articles from mainstream sources and authors supporting or at least being open minded about NDT. There is some excellent material but I am afraid that it may be written by controversial doctors and researchers. I don’t want to turn him off before I have a chance to put my case forward.

And now the rant:

This whole situation is making me utterly exhausted. You should not have to prepare like this and do research before a hospital appointment and it makes me so angry that I have to spend so much energy to try get a medicine that is basically my right to have if it is going to make me healthy again.


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I suggest you have a look here:

While not exactly a ringing endorsement, it doesn't say there was anything untoward about desiccated thyroid and some patients did prefer it. It is very recent. It was done by a respectable organisation. And published in a respectable journal.

The very fact that there have been many issues with levothyroxine products over the past few years (in the UK, Teva withdrawn, Eltroxin repeated supply issues, in the USA the second largest brand Levoxyl withdrawn, in Denmark, Israel and New Zealand, severe potency issues), while NatureThroid in particular, though Erfa as well, sit there year after year without any known issues... (We know Armour has had some funnies but we tend not to trust its manufacturer.) Might be an argument if the person you see says it is all too variable and poorly controlled.



thank you, that is exactly what I need



Here is a neat journalistic summary of a recent Italian study in July's Journal of Reproductive Endocrinology linking T4 only with lung cancer.

and here is the article itself, available as pdf or text

I hope this is helpful. Good luck.


thank you



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