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Pituitary Malfunction

Interesting talk on Radio 4 bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01rr37c

The bit on pituitary damage starts at 19.00.

Pituitary function is something I want to research more, as the "thyroid test" (TSH) actually measure a hormone produced by the pituitary.

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Thank you for posting that.

Interesting that they estimate possibly half to one million people have pituitary issues. And there are some million or so people in England on levothyroxine.

Rather suggests to me that there is ample opportunity for the two to occur together. Which, as you clearly imply, allows for a large number of cases where the pituitary cannot produce the appropriate level of TSH after injury. But let us now miss autoimmune pituitary disease which might be much more common than has hitherto been thought.




That is fascinating! I had a very bad riding accident when I was thrown from a horse and ended up head first in the dirt pushing my spine up etc, braking bones in my face and knocking myself out briefly. I literally felt my brain move forward as I lifted my face out the dirt. My thyroid problems were dx just after that......hmmm, very interesting indeed. Thank you for posting that I'm having adrenal tests done this Thursday.


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