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Has anyone seen this book?

ISBN : 0960590234

Clinical Nutrition--Seven Lines of Defense Against Disease

By Robert J. Peshek 1980

Would be really helpful if anyone could access this book. Page 9 - 15 is particularly interesting on FT4-FT3 ratio and menopause etc.

It is old 1980's and from USA. Does anyone have connections with anyone in the states?

I can find it only on google books but it won't allow me to copy and paste the info and it seems to be really relevant to anyone with menopausal probs alongside thyroid issues.

Take a look online and let me know your thoughts.

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Put a link to the page on amazon here? X


It isn't available on She said in her post that she could only find a link on Google books. There are links elsewhere but nowhere in the UK unfortunately.

It can be found on but it appears to be out of print anyway.


Carolyn x


And not available on ABE Books - the obvious place to look. Only three books by that author at all!


Thanks for the replies guys. Looks like I will be typing out the bit of interest into a word doc then!

Will add it to my list of things to do before Xmas!


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