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Thyroid blood test results normal, but still feel rubbish

Hi all, i had the right side of my thyroid removed in january due to nodules, the surgeon put me straight onto 50mc of thyroxine, my last blood test came back normal , T4 was 9 and the other one was 1.25 (can't remember what the test was called), i have been feeling very tearful , tired and am being really horrible to all those that are close to me, my GP says im depressed and has started me on antidepressant tablets, but im not so sure im depressed, has anyone else felt like this ??

Many thanks Jools 51

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Dont think manyof us can say no our Drs have not whacked us on to some depression pills at one time or another.

I'm not good with the figures, you need the Admins who can say what is normal or not.

What I can say is, ask your GP what range level of normal are you on. There is normal low range, normal mid range and normal high range. Can make all the difference.

As for your symptons, there are links on the many sites page, that has a sympton checker. Yes teary, tired can be a symptons. They can also be some other ailement menopause etc or simply because of stress.

Keep a diary, list symptons, any event that has caused good or bad stresses, cold, etc.

I am not saying to do this or advocating this it is best to ask your GP. If you feel antidepressants arent what you need then do not take them. If you feel your GP is one of those I see but do not hear paitents you have a aright to a second opnion. You can use that to ask about being slapped with the take the antidepressants rather than investigate what else may be lurking or not.

Sometimes the side effect of antidepressants can help as they can themselves can.

Did you have any symptons prior to your surgery; and any after it before you currently started feeling out of sorts?

Thyroid is a fine tuner, slight out of kilter and it runs amok. Could be too high a dose or too low. You may need alternating doses, 50 one day 25 the next, its worth asking your GP to consider this.

When do you take the thyroxine, some take it morning,others take it, evenings some at night. I'm a morning due to the medication #i take at night cant be with thyroxine. My daughter is a night so she had energy to do her work and her slump is when she is at home..

Also with what. If you search you can find what affects it like, do not take thyroxine with food or milk, indigestion tablets etc. Thyroid its a tricky little organ.


Hi Surgery etc leaves a little thyroid behind, it has to be treated on how it is now, not past history. You need tSH, T4 and Free T3 tested and vit D , hormonal( if low corrected calcium)before treatment with D, Thyroid you may need T4 ( levo) and T3 on a script, test only way of knowing.It helps a lot of symptoms a especially weight and lowers the tsH a little.Results useless on there own, all blood tests at different Labs have different ranges. Always ask for a print out or results with ranges, Receptionist or H secs.It is routine, your blood. They have to check with a doc. but always OK. Only with the ranges can you see what the results are. never accept any docs"normal" look yourself. Keep the print out and compare next time. Also make sure you iron/ feritin is OK because of the OP.I am sure you know depression i soften under treated thyroid. make sure before having anti depressents ,they are very good if needed but not other wise.

Best wishes,



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