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Endo Appointment

Well that was a waste if time the first thing he said to me was "you're not dead then" to which I replied "not yet" then he asked how I was I reeled everything I felt off to him and he just sat there reading a letter he had sent me "apparently" but was reading it as if he had never seen it before.

He then said "we're on the right track then said "you know what we are going to do " to which I replied "up my dose" and he said yes to 200mcg then have a blood test after 6 weeks then one before I see you in 3mths. Asked him why all this was happening to which he replied "west never know but we are in the right track".

With that I left and I'm not going back, I am off to see my go and tell him this, enough is enough I can't do this anymore I'm tired of all this tooling and growing I'm finished


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What's the alternative, Tina? What exactly do you want him to do? He's putting you up to 200 mcg. There are many people that would give their eye teeth to get an increase like that - or any increase at all! Have you asked to try T3 and NDT? And has he refused? I'm sorry you feel so ill, but I just don't understand what you want - apart from feeling well, that is - but how do you think you ought to get it?

I wish I could say something to help you, but I'm very confused. Yesterday you seemed to want a diagnosis of Fibro or CFS. How did you think that was going to help? You're just lucky you didn't get that diagnosis! And he could be right, you know, you could be on the right track.

Don't give up, that would be silly after coming all this way. Stick with it. Educate yourself, argue back, tell him what you want! But if I've upset you, please don't shout at me! lol

Hugs, Grey


You haven't upset me u r so right I think I'm just frustrated with it all but I'll get my head on straight tomorrow and I will see it for what it is.

Thank you

Tina x


Good. The frustration I know. We want it all to go quickly, but we have to remember that it didn't take a few days or a few months for this illness to creep up on us, it probably took years! So it's not going to get better overnight.

Good night and sweet dreams. Talk tomorrow perhaps.

Hugs, Grey x


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