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Question about blood test result: FBC

Hi everyone, I just received the results of a blood test, and the GP tested my Full Blood Count. All is in range, expect for the Eosinophil count: 0.02 10*9/L (range 0.04-0.4). This is classed as Low, but the FBC is normal, so no action taken.

I was just googling what it could mean, and either I was intoxicated, which I definitely know I wasn't! Or it's caused by high cortisol. Does this mean I'm too stressed? Does anyone know if this result is bad? (although of course the GP wasn't bothered). Thanks!

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Hi I believe a low result means you may have an autoimmune disease, thyroid? I do not think it would really matter much.Mine is always very high, but I have autoimmune diseases by the pile! So I really do not think you need to worry.Probably a different time of day it would be normal. If GP was concerned they would say a repeat test . I really do not think it matters, try not to worry.

Bes Wishes,



thanks Jackie!


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