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Exaggerated stress response

Hello again - just trapped my finger a bit and it's made me remember a question I keep forgetting. I was wondering if there was any info out there about exaggerated stress responses and adrenal problems? Each time i have slightly over the odds of stress level - for example just bow when I hurt my finger - not badly but enough to make me jump and swear - I get shaky and weak and tired. And it even persists for hours. Anyone have an idea what if any link there might be to adrenal function/adrenalin/cortisol, whatever they do?

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Absolutely, jump easily and I am just planning to take a group of seventeen old boys on hols this summer which I would have had no problem doing before but now I feel dizzy and sick when I just think about it. My son think I am a nut job



A group of 17 your old boys? You're not a nut job for feeling dizzy and sick - but maybe your a bit bonkers even considering taking such a bunch of pains in the ...... in the first place! Good luck!! (And don't forget the vallium!!)

Steph xx


I get this too, sometimes when watching an emotionally charged or suspense type of tv programme. It makes me feel ridiculous but it's definitely the old adrenals. I've been treating them for 3 months but they're very slow to improve. Fingers crossed I'll get there though, and good luck with your trip!

L x


Wow. I wonder how this feedback works to make us so jittery? I'm on the case - takes a long time to find and then assimilate the info though. And it's so stressful . . . . ! :P


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