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Any good endos in Gloucestershire, Wilts, Oxfordshire areas or within an hour?

Like so many it seems, I'm lost, floundering in the dark and don't know what to do. I can follow the advice of so many wonderfully helpful people on this site (thank you all for being here) but I feel I really need help and advice from someone I can see who can interpret my results, decide what to test, suggest what meds to take and how and when to increase/decrease etc. If you know of anyone good in this neck of the woods, please let me know!

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Hi, I'm in Somerset and I go to Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton. I see a very nice lady there by the name of Dr T. I have proved to be a challenging case, but she has come through for me, I would recommend her anytime! Good luck. .



Is your Endo NHS please?

I have edited out her name to protect the 'good' ones - please can you send the info by message to Boing instead - thanks! :-)




I went Private to Warwickshire Nuffield Hospital Old Milverton. Saw Dr B who was superb I think it's £370 for first consultation plus blood tests that they do there and then.. Then she writes to your GP telling them what to do.. so for me it was..

1) Go on a low GI diet

2) give up wheat ( I think that was because of my symptoms of lots of itching and a really bad "low" after lunch - she tested me for coeliac disease (neg)

3) If Transferin Saturation test comes back low (she tested this, no GP every had) then give iron supplement

4) Go up to 100mg of Levo (had been on 50 and bloods were "normal" but still felt rubbish) for 6 weeks amim for TSH less than 2, nearer 0.3 and if no improvement go to 75 of Levo and 20 of T3 taken 10 morning 10 evening.

5) If still not feeling better go back to her for prescribing NDT

So I don't have to go back to her and pay again until the Doctor runs out of the plan..


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