Been back to gp after last lot of blood tests. I posted that gp said all my problems were menopause and wanted me to start hrt. Blood test 'normal' although LH slightly raised. I refused hrt and asked for referral to endo. She refused. I asked why, she said because my blood tests so completely normal that she could not justify it. She didn't consider symptoms. However, she said she would test for hypoparathyroidism. Does anyone know about this? I have heard it's linked to Addison disease, which my mum had, and thyroid disorders, which I know I have. I have a blood card to get a test, would I get into trouble if I added tsh, thyroid antibodies and adrenal!!! Sorry two questions there.

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  • Hu nursey

    I have hypoparathyroidism due to thyroidectomy and the parathyroids were removed buy mistake. there are some very specific symptoms if your calcium is low (which is controlled by the pararhyroids) . the main symptom for me is tingling of my fingers and my around mouth. If it is moderately low I get muscle contractions of my hands. If it is really bad you can get muscle contraction i other parts as well. If you have high calcium you get very thirsty. Tiredness is another symptom but it is also a symptom in hypothyroidism.

    I hope you will find out what the problem is, she must have found or noticed other symptoms to want to check for hypoparathyroidism!


  • I don't get tingling as such but sometimes I feel a fizzing sensation but only in my arms and legs, not noticed anything around my mouth. My main symptom is joint pain, muscle fatigue, tiredness. I don't get particularly thirsty. I think my gp is just fed up with me. I am worried slightly as mymum had Addison and my sister is hyperthyroidism and my b12 is only in the 200's. Thanks for your reply Roslin, do you feel better with treatment?

  • Hi there is an easy test you can do which will tell you if you are moderately low on calcium the second test is when you are worse. I don't know if there is a connection between the parathyroids and Addison's. I have learnt on this website that hypothyroidism and low adrenal function is closely connected.

    My calcium levels are well controlled but not my hypothyroidism. Waiting to see an endo in May. Ho-hum


  • Thanks for the you tube link. Tried doing it on myself in front of the mirror! Will try the blood pressure one when I am next at work. X

  • Hi To test the PTH you need an AM blood test, must all be done together, PTH, corrected calcium and vit D. If all high or 2 high and D high for you. Then, a PTH nuclear scan and CT done together ( large hospital) and then an ultra sound of the thyroid. These are the standard investigations.These tests are foolproof for PTH.I hope that helps.


  • Hi Jackie

    I was hoping that you would add to this. It is great to hear from somebody so knowledgeable.


  • Glad I could help. Ask me any time.PM


  • Thank you so much. I am having blood test at 8.30 tomorrow. Just checked blood card , GP had got my name and date of birth wrong and in the clinical details she had written 'unwell?'. Grrrrrrr!

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