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Does anyone know of Lanarkshire GP who knows about thyroid removal and T3

Thyroid removed 4 years ago. GPs only solution to my problems is to increase my levothyroxine from 100 to 125 9 which causes palpitations, panic attacks atc). Many symptoms , T3 finally checked by endo whom \I never met - only discussed my case with GP so all symptoms not known to him i.e excessive tiredness, weepiness, weight gain, insomnia, thinning hair, dry skin, etc. etc. Told to increase levothyroxine to 125 for ANOTHER 2 months. I have gone through this so so many times in the past four years. Can someone help?

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Can you afford to go private to see a thyroid specialist? Dr S has a clinic in Glasgow as well England I believe. It sounds as if T4 alone doesn't work for you or your dose is too low. I know the feeling. I've been on it since Jan this year and am on 150mcg at the moment and its not helping me at all. I still have lots of symptoms. You might need some T3 as well or instead of T4. Dr S or another private thyroid specialist can help you with that. I am supposed to gradually increase to 200mcg but I'm scared to considering my symptoms so far and its not helped much anyway. Or can you ask for another endo referral? It may also be because your dose is too low. My specialist told me that 125mcg is a very low dose.


Many thanks Karispitit. Will tackle the GP yet again after following his instructions for a few weeks. You've confirmed what I think.


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