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Go Sit in the Sun!

Hi Everyone,

Last weekend we had some sunny weather. My partner was out doing some heavy duty gardening. I was feeling rough so I asked him to get me a chair. I sat watching progress in the South facing end of the garden, I must have been there a couple of hours. Well my joint and body pain has improved so much I think it's some kind of miracle!

I do have awful arthritis, probably due to untreated hypo for donkey's years. I have always noticed an improvement in pain in the warmer weather.

I now fully intend to sit in the sun at least once a day (when we get some) I can't believe what a blast of D3 has done for me. I'm a redhead so intend to do this very carefully. Like a lot of Hypo sufferers I spend a lot of time indoors which doesn't help at all. But I can definitely shuffle into my garden. Another positive, as I now live in a village is everyone who goes past has a chat! So a double whammy!

Love Helen. X

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Thats great news


Fantastic news Helen, So pleased for you

Love Angie xx


Ah sunshine, where have you been? This has been such a long winter.

My teenager spent quite a lot of last Sunday outside and his skin cleared up nicely.

Please can we have a summer this year!



The sun has to come back at some stage! I think I heard this weekend may be good. Give it a go and see if it helps. Please could you all report back?? :-)


That's brilliant xx. I did read that you only need 20mins in the sun a day, without sunscreen, to boost your vitD levels. It's also safe too.

Ann xx


How I relate to you Helen, have not had a holiday for 11 years but have thrown funding caution to the wind and booked a week in Spain in June as so desperate for sunshine, there are mud baths nearby too! Am pleased to hear your joints felt the benefit last weekend, lets hope there's more this weekend too.


how long should you stay on 3m.g. and over. n.d.thyroid.


Hey Everyone, nice to hear from you. I'm not a sun worshiper but with body and joint pain it is so important to get your natural sun fix!

I really hope your bit of exposure works for you too!

Joyia, I think you've done the right thing with your holiday, and I hope you have a fantastic time!

Fingers crossed for the weekend!! XXX


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