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Because of the menopause doctor decreased my tablets levothroxide (?) from 100 to 75 ( I'd developed intense itching all over body)

Am also anemic. Now feeling terrible. Dizzy, lightheaded, feeling faint, extreme tiredness, Leg's so painful and feel like lumps of lead, wake up feeling tired and can't wait for bedtime, such an effort to get through the day.

Is anyone else anemic and suffering with underactive thyroid?

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Hi 2 together are common.Make sure also that B12 and Foliates are OK. If dose increased of Levo, you need a blood test after 6 weeks, Tsh, T4 and Free T3 ,you may need some T3 too., in addition to the T4 ( Levo) Regarding the itching. This may be diabetes. When it first starts, lots of itching and very similar symptoms to thyroid as it is also hormonal and autoimmune. Especially if you have autoimmune thyroid disease.Thyroid disease can also relate to skin conditions especially eczema. You sound lucky with the GP but sometimes they do not do all the tests an endo does, Vit D also important, hormonal. If D low then calcium test before any treatment, corrected calcium must always be in range regardless of vit D status.

Ask for a print out ,as you always should, of all your blood tests and post them ,make sure they have the vital ranges ( all may vary ,at different Labs)

Best wishes,


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I assume you mean iron-deficiency anaemia? It happens quite a lot.

You really need to address that because, in amongst everything else, low iron means it is difficult for your body to handle thyroid hormones properly. Low stomach acidity can make iron absorption more difficult. Many take vitamin C with their iron to help.


I assume that you take some anti-histamine tablets? You might not realise it is worth having two or three different ones available. One day one will work, another day that one won't work very well but another one will!



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