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GP increases Levothyroxin


Having fallen out with my GP on doing a TSH blood test only, and only on 50mcg Levothyroxin, he wrote to me asking me to have various blood tests, to find out why I felt tired, fatigued, cold all the time, nails crumbling, aching joints etc etc....had blood tests last week and went today to get the results. Amazingly he increased my Levothyroxin to 75mcg (already started taking 75mcg) he apparently had asked colleagues at a Surgery meeting on there thoughts (getting cross with GP actually works) so happy with that... also my ferritin levels were very low (19) so now on 3 iron tablets a day, and due to take urine sample to surgery so that he can rule out gastrointestinal bleeding.....have had stomach problems in the past. All in all I am a very happy bunny, and expecting fantastic Husband is expecting me to jump of the wardrobe.....will keep everything crossed that this is the answer. Will keep you posted......

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mg51 Well done!

just looked back at your previous blog, so that was a result, you must have made an impression that he even consulted his colleagues. I presume the blood tests weren't 'normal' 'tho - did you get a print out?

Hope you feel better soon! Jane :D

mg51 in reply to Hidden

Hi Jane, the TSH level blood test he did was 0.67 within the range as I said it would come back normal, so thats why he investigated further, so I keep taking the pills......


Well, if you do jump off the wardrobe let us know what the GP has prescribed and we'll all ask for some.

mg51 in reply to shaws

I'll let you know..............

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