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Blood results and sleeping pills

After a very rough weekend I got to see the doctor and get my blood results:

TSH 0.01 (0.35-5.0)

FT4 27.1 (9.0 - 20.0)

They didn't bother with T3 by the look of it but did something called a Packed Cell Volume which is 0.36 (0.37 - 0.47) and I have no idea what that is.

He has also given me Zopicolone that should help me sleep but I'm a bit wary of taking them after Googling!! Oh how I hate Google....

If anyone has taken them before I'd love some advice.

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I've taken Zopiclone in the past and found them fine. I was, however, given the smallest dosage available and I still only took half a tablet at a time.

I didn't use them regularly either. Not really a tablet person! I would only use them if I'd lost a few nights sleep already. That way I seemed always to get benefit from them.

It's the only sleeping tablet I would use - but we're all different. Hope you get some sleep!


Hi sandi, thanks for this info its good to hear its worked in the past. I hate taking tablets at the best of times but I'm now on 5 a day and get worried about addictive medication.

I'll try one tonight to see how I get on and hopefully I won't need them for another few days.


Did they comment on your thyroid levels?

How is the yellow colour now (hope I haven't confused you with someone else :D )

Clare xx


Hi Clare, they are sending me for more blood tests tomorrow to include a liver function one but it has improved since Saturday but they just said "oh they are high results", even I could get that!

They told me I have severe exhaustion due to my confusion on Friday so are sending me to a neurologist as well as my endo. Hence the sleeping pills (I'll try anything right now).

All good fun isn't it.


I've taken Zolpedem, which are very similar.They are supposed to used for I think a month, but I had them for at least 10 years, can't remember exactly how long. To begin with I only took 5 mg and not every night. For about 4 years this worked fine. I then took 10 mg because the 5 mg no longer worked, them the 10 mg no longer worked and I would sleep walk, cook, work whilst under the influence of them, with no memory afterwards.

I no longer take them, and am glad to say that I haven't burnt the house down!

My advice would be that they are a good drug if used as a short term measure and that you should try not to take one every night ie only when desperate. My life was much easier for about 6 years. My insomnia was awful for about a year before they were prescribed. ! hour at 7 am when I had to be up at 7.45, no sleep, 1 hour. I was really struggling and very run down.I truely believe that I would have lost my job if not prescribed them. There is a little groginess the morning after but nothing coffee cannot solve. They do not stay in the system for long so you are alert the following day.I had no withdrawal effects when I stopped taking them, although the insomnia returned and I was given anti-ds instead,. Iam prone to depression sothis didn't worry me.

At the time I wasn't aware that many of my symptoms could have been due to a "borderline" underactive thyroid though.

AsI said I was fine for four years. They have a deeply relaxinfg effect and at times I took a lowdose for anxiety, not a good idea. Use then as advised and they will help.


Thanks for this. I have been given 3.75mg tablets so very low dose. Have horrible thoughts of taking it and passing out where I stand and sleeping through an entire day but then I always think the worst and dramatise things.

Its been about 3 years since I last slept through the night and this last week has been so bad that I am close to losing it if I don't get some sleep soon so I think for everyone's sake I will try one tonight!


Can I suggest taking it as you are going to bed or not more than 30 mins before - or you might pass out where you stand :)

Seriously, they do act quite quickly (or at least they did for me). Not a sudden sleep but I'd get quite groggy quite quickly so wanted to be lying down! I'd take mine once in bed and then just relax and let them gradually do their work.

Taking half a tablet meant that I was alert (well as alert as I get!) pretty much straight away in the morning, no hungover or chemically feel.


Thanks I'll make sure I'm in bed and ready to relax before I take it :-)


Just wanted to clarify that the drug wa not the problem, it was me. I'm an addictive personality in some ways.


One of the most bizarree xperiences was getting up early to do paperwork, to find that I'd already done it. And accurately.


I have taken Zopiclone on and off for about 10 years and have no problems at all. I know they are addicitive and I too hate taking drugs but lack of sleep has very serious consequences and I got to the stage where insomia was undermining my health. I tried everything else first but I am in a very diificult situation which is beyond my control and without Zop. I would have cracked-up years ago. If I were younger I might worry more about taking them but at my age a good night's sleep is worth it.


Wow I had 10 1/2 hours sleep last night and it was so needed. I'm not quite bouncing off the walls just yet but a few more nights without interruption and I'll be back analysing US tax legislation before I know it!


I'm glad Zopiclone worked for you :) I have been using it for 18 months now and am on the lowest dose and it does help me. I had been suffering from insomnia for years and it was dreadful x


leigh, have you ever had a FT3 test ever? Your T4 seems much higher than others posting here. If you have had one previously and know that it is also high, all's well.


If it is under FT3 on the results form then I've never had it tested, if its under another name its possible. I had another load done today and it only had free thyroxine and TSH on the form x


T3 is triiodothyronine so it could be written that way on a blood test but I know they don't like testing it since they believe it is not relevant. Of course, it's very relevant being the part that actually acts on your metabolism...... and in your case, where is all that T4 going? I've read that T3 can just pool in the blood and prove useless as well. Sometimes it can turn into reverse T3, also useless for the most part. Maybe T4 can do the same but have never read that per se.

I hope you are sleeping well. I don't know if your medication has side effects but I would prefer trying 3 mg. melatonin as another poster suggested first. It's over the counter and inexpensive.


I went last night without taking a sleeping pill and I have managed about 2 hours sleep! Am exhausted and in pain but I really don't want to take these ones overnight. Might try the melatonin instead...

I'll take this information with me when I next see the doctor and ask him to test me T3 levels. Seems like the doctors don't know much about thyroid diseases still!


Any one thought about taking melatonin? I have been taking it for over 10 years now as I wouldn't be able to sleep at all without it. It's not addictive either.


Is it over the counter or prescription only? Can't say I've heard about it before to be honest


I thought you could only get melatonin on prescription in the UK. I get mine online without a prescription from the US.


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