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New to site, results, what do you think?

Hi everyone,

Brief history, graves 2006, extremely ill. RAI 2009, have not been right since. Been up and down with thyroxine over react every change. Kept myself informed through your site, Had to leave work May2012 as i could not keep pushing myself. ended up virtually housebound.

Kept getting told thyroid within normal limits!

Got diagnosed CFS/ME. Been to sleep clinic as i have had chronic insomnia all this time, ranging from 2hrs - 5hrs poor sleep.

Have had anti depressants thrown at me, sleeping pills, reacted badly to all the anti depressants( probably because im not depressed).

Bought some Armour last year as i was desperate, but unfortunately could not tolerate upping it started vomiting, severe headaches. this also happens when up/down thyroxine my central nervous system goes into freefall.

After a while went back to gp with info/evidence that T3 helps with CFS, I managed to get some.

The past 14 months have been on 75mcg levo 10mg T3, had some improvement managed to potter about house, joints, fatigue a small improvement, helped with brain fog.

Decide to get 24hr adrenal stress test, i thought i would be low during day, high at night but came back:-

1st 30.5 (12-22) High

2nd 8.9 (5-9) just in

3rd 5.2 (3-7)

4th 1.7 (1-3)

At least this got me a referral to an endo, went out of area to a teaching hospital even though travelling is difficult for me.

Went armed with all the data of reasons why t4 might not be working. Got all the usual, no evidence, glance at adrenal results and said " its a stress response and id be stressed if i did not sleep".

Anyway i think to get rid of me he agreed to up my T3 10mcg twice a day, reduce levo to 50mcg. I did argue with that as my results a year earlier my t4 was only 10.4.

I had my bloods done as i was leaving the appt before meds. Phoned for a copy, just received them:-

TSH 3.73 (0.34-5-6)

FT4 9.1 (7.5-21.1)

Ft3 4.2 (3.5-5.6)

Been on increased t3 and reduced T4 for 2 and half weeks seem more active, Knees tingling burning, but sleep has got worse.

Have bloods doneagain in 6 weeks, to phone secretary with how i am.

Any comments, advice greatly appreciated. regarding adrenals, change in dosing etc

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Hi wightmouse - sorry to hear about your sleep problems - I suffer with insomnia too so know how horrible this is.

Do you have the ranges to go with your results please - they can vary a lot by lab so need to come from your own report?

Your TSH looks high for someone on meds - particularly T3 - when on T3 it is usual to have a suppressed TSH such as 0.02. I suspect you are under-medicated and this could be contributing to the insomnia, but we need to see the ranges to get a clearer idea.

Are you taking your T3 in divided doses through out the day?

Your saliva test shows high cortisol in the morning - sorry not sure of the significance of this. Please can you confirm the range for your bedtime cortisol - is it 1-3 not 1.3?


Clare xx



TSH 3.73 (0.34-5.6)

FT4 9.1 (7.5-21.1)

Ft3 4.2 (3.5-5.6)


1st 30.5 (12-22) High

2nd 8.9 (5-9) just in

3rd 5.2 (3-7)

4th 1.7 (1-3)

Since increase in t3 i take it around 6am. and about 1pm.

Must say i was supprised by TSH.


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