anxiety ????

hello, ive been battling dizziness and feeling like im going to faint as a symptom since I had radiation 3 years ago. Since xmas ive been keeping a mental diary of when these symptoms are worse and its when im with a lot of people, either at work, the supermarket, doctors waiting room etc.

does this sound like anxiety ? seems daft that I can get it even when im with people I know well.....

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  • What medication are you taking as I assume you are now hypo? You may need an increase in your medication.

    If you can get a copy of your latest blood test results complete with the ranges, post here and someone will comment.

  • I have no idea what my results are, I have a blood test and if its within normal range I don't hear about it from my GP, only time I get a phone call or a letter is if its out of normal range.

    As ive been *normal * for 6 months I only get blood tests every year now.

    im on 125 of levothyroxine

  • Hi often thyroid disease. Make sure you are having enough treatment, tests TSH, T4 and Free T3 essential and possibly treatment with T4 ( levo) and T3.

    Best wishes,


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