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Is pins and needles and dizziness another symptom?


Was diagnosed last September as hypothyroid and put on levo 50 didn't improve much, maybe tiredness not quite as bad. Had blood tests again in December and put on levo 100. Did begin to see improvement, but now seem to be going downhill again. I am due for bloods next week. Last night throughout my sleep disturbed night I was experiencing dizziness and feeling fuzzy headed while still lying down. I was also getting pins and needles in my hands. I am quite new to all is so don't really know what to expect does anyone else have these symptoms

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You should make appointment with the GP and have another blood test. It may well be you need yet another increase, usually it goes up by 25mcg each time till you feel much better.

Some GP's think that it is o.k.if your TSH comes down to 'within normal range' but that is not the case and we should aim for a TSH 1 or below or even suppressed in order to improve. They should be interested in alleviating symptoms which can be very varied but sometimes diagnose by the TSH alone despite the patient still feeling very unwell.

Thanks for replying shaws. I really don't understand all this TSH. I was just told I had an under active thyroid I would take levo for the rest of my life and my prescriptions would be free. It's not till I stumbled across this site that I heard about the many symptoms and all these different levels and I've no idea what an endo is

Here's is a link to the main thyroiduk website and its signs and symptoms checklist.

Moggie x

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