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Discussion of TSH in subclinical hyper and hypothyroidism

Following on from my blog 2 days ago on the discovery of iTUnes U, I've listened to another one today which summarises some of the research on the above. It is relatively straightforward to understand with a really good 'tic tac toe' grid to explain relationship between TSH, ft4. The section on problems of NOT treating subclinical conditions, especially in people under 65, may be of use to the Scottish Petition. Also a small section in the Q&A on T3. I hope I've understood all of it correctly! Please if you read it, do put me right...

It is called 'TSH, should we adjust our aim? Craig Stump, MD . This is number 33 on 'Medicine Groud Rounds' from Arizona Health Sciences Center.

N.b. if anyone finds a way posting the link directly to this forum, please let this technically challenged person know!


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Is this it ? - I just clicked on the Media player option ... looking now



Hi Spareribs.

I've tried to reply a couple of times, but seem to be suffering from technical or idiot problems! Firslty thanks for the advice on how to post the link, I'll have a go at this. Secondly, I found this really interesting, accessible and clear so wondered if I should re-post with a better title to encourage others to watch it? Your feedback is really appreciated!



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