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Blood tests

Could anyone tell me the blood tests I should be asking my doctor for? I have read a bit about it all but I am finding it really difficult to understand. I am currently taking 175mcg thyroxine per day but I am still ill. I have many underactive thyroid symptoms so it is not under control even though for 15 years everything was fine with the dosage, the last couple of years have been horrific. I have a doctors appointment first thing tomorrow so I would be really grateful for some advice.

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Hi Most important are TSH, T4 and Free T3 for the correct treatment, Re test after 6 weeks on treatment .. Vit D ( hormonal), if low calcium ( none) before treatment with D. B12 and Foliates, iron/ ferritin and the most important diabetes, autoimmune and hormonal and similar symptoms to start with to thyroid disease. There are other tests but these are the most important.

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I just got back from the appointment and I cant believe how well it went. He explained to me all about TSH, T4 and T3, even drew me a diagram and has arranged for a battery of blood tests, even down to bone tests. He was completely and utterly understanding, I am so happy you have no idea!


Hi Juliet,

That is wonderful, you must have a good GP, rare! Make sure you ask for a copy ( receptionist ) for all the blood tests with the important ranges.They always ask a doc for permission but routine.

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