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Cutaneous Candidiasis, has anyone had it and/or healed it?

Think this is what is going on with my skin and it is escalating.

Both myself & my open minded GP reckons is what it is, but the Daktocort cream is not impacting it (didn't really expect it to!) OR mayb e it takes a good while to work?

I have tried topical aloe vera gel, but that did not help at all

Dead sea salts baths help the soreness & to a degree the itching, but does not heal it or stop it spreading

So, anyone here had it.? ... would be grateful for any wisdom on

> how you treated it?

> how you stopped it spreading

anything else/tips you may have don't mind how whacky!!

Have read online someone using washing soda in a bath - bit that seems a bit extreme?

Also, using apple cider vinegar neat on the skin to change the PH of the skin, bit pongy & not tried it yet.

I take many supplements, all the usual ones for adrenal and thyrpoid support.

Big dose of Vit C

Big dose of D3

+ lots more besides..........

As far as I know I don't have internal candida.

I have just added Organic Aloe Vera Juice -- Yuk! even in beetroot juice it is still not exactly palatable!

Re-started ACVinegar in warm water as a drink & with iron supps.

The sores are across my stomach round to the hips, almost in a line..... so cotton kicks are prob in order. It is not in folds of the skin, I am not that overwieght either.



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This link may help (if you scroll down you will get to 'Candidal skin infections')



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