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Has anybody thought about contacting woman's hour radio 4 to discuss the disgraceful management of many women( and men but it is predominantly women that has it) with hypothyroidism? I would have thought that this would be of interest to them as it can be seen as an inequality. What I am trying to say is that there is no overt discrimination but money for research has probably not been there for decades as it is not a "sexy" medical subject. Just thinking


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  • Hi - I think this has been discussed on here before, but I'm afraid I can't remember the outcome :D Hopefully someone else will remember. Thanks. Xx

  • The outcome was that they do not appear interested.

    BUT that is not a reason that YOU shouldn't contact them yourself! (That is YOU being ANYONE reading this. :-) )


  • I think Lyn Mynott (CEO) is planning to contact them again soon. There is a lady on here who has a contact there I believe...



  • That sounds great. There might be a bigger chance to be taken seriously now after the petition to the scottish parliament.


  • I'm the person with the WH contact. I understood that Lynn was going to let me know how she wanted to proceed, but I haven't heard anything.

    My contact did prepare a submission for them a couple of years ago, with my guidance, but they didn't run with it. She thinks it's worth trying again, but this time with official TUK input.

  • Hi Sue

    Lyn has been off work recently after an operation, then I had 2 weeks off poorly, so things have been more than a little manic!! :(

    We are out of the office Mon & Tues this week as we are investigating conference venues, but will be back to 'normal' on Wed.

    I'll check with Lyn and I'm sure she will get back to you.


    x :-)

  • Thanks Louise - do hope Lyn is on the mend and that your manic phase will soon be over.



  • As far as I remember, the presenter is/was hypo and I didn't have any luck.

  • Glad you' ve brought this up, I've thought for a while that this is a good way to bring public awareness to the mismanagement of thyroid issues, and have wondered why it has not been done before but wondered how to go about it,

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