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Got my endo appointment but no increase in meds!


Not sure if i'm doing this right had some great response from a question I asked on Thursday. is this the correct place to put my follow up?

Well, I got my referral and was able to book my appointment online last night. The doctor said that if there was anyone on the list that Louse sent me who I'd rather see then she would do a referal to them. Unfortunately I'm in North Derbyshire and there was nowhere near, I was prepared to travel but hoped there would be someone in the midlands. I've done a bit of research on the consultants at the hospital but they seem to specialise in diabetes but openly say they are forward thinking. I don't want to put there names on here as I don't think that would be fair.

On the down side the doctor (who is one of the most understanding in the practice and very helpfull) didn't increase my meds as she explained that if she did it would take 6 wks to get fully into my system and it would be better for the endo to start from where i am now. I also asked about all the other tests, but she said she would leave that to the endo too.

I was annoyed when she mentioned the diet and fitness thing. I don't eat much and as I mentioned before have cut drinking down to having 2-3/ wk from 2-3/day (the weight should have dropped off me just from this!) and since Xmas I haven't been able to exercise cause I've had two colds and any physical exercise starts me coughing. I was told I have a post viral cough, my throat is red from coughing and the difficulty swallowing and feeling like I have an obstruction could be my thyroid. By the time I've done a days work, done dinner my energy levels are at zero. Sometimes I have to have an hour in bed just to re-charge my batteries. I want to exercise and be active but my body is having none of it at the moment!

Yesterdays results came back as TSH 1.87 , T3 -5 , but there was no T4 this time.

My blood pressure has gone up again so my dose has been increased but I was very interested in what I read on here this morning about the connection between being undermedicated and high blood pressure.

I also forgot to mention on my list of continuing symptoms, I have dizzy spells, racing heart, legs go to jelly and I become very sweaty and shaky. This is how I first got diagnosed but initially was suspected as diabetes until I was tested and ruled out.

So my appointment is on the 16th May, I am just about to buy the Dr Anthony Toft book and get myself more informed. Just to make you laugh, when I mentioned the book she asked did I know who the publishers were and was there any reason for you to push this book!


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Good luck with your appointment Tina,

you could make a list of symptoms, changes, record temperature etc. before you go.

For your GPs information - it's a BMA book (British Medical Association) 'Family Doctor Publications' sold at most chemists. Dr Toft was the Queens doctor when in Scotland and President of the BTA and Royal college of Physicians, Edinburgh

We're not 'pushing' any particular books - here's alternatives.

I wonder how many have quoted this book then? perhaps the message is getting through! lol! Jane :D


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