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Fat neck! Hyperthyroidism and Hyporparathyroidism

Does anyone have a fat neck. Everytime I look at myself it seems to get fatter! I was diagnosed with Hyporparathyroidism and hyperthyroidism last year. I know bad luck having both. I cope quite well, I put on three stone and thought it was impossible to lose weight but I have, 11lbs so far, but I have this swollen fat neck that my doctor doesn't seem to think worrying.

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I have noticed swelling in my neck and it looks like a bull frog. Doctors say its a goitre and have increased my medication. Maybe you need to get your levels checked again to see if you're too hyper and need to increase. Hope you start feeling better soon x


Thanks for your answer, no its not a goitre, it is all round my neck not like a bull frog. Especially where my shoulder bones meet my neck I can hardly feel the bones!


Have you been told its not a goitre - it sounds like one!! I was being monitored for hyperthyroidism for years with no treatment until my osteopath noticed my enlarged thyroid. I went the same week for a routine checkup where I was told my blood results were ok and no treatment needed. I pointed out the swelling and was referred to an endocrinologist who put me on carbimazole. I was finally able to lose some weight but the goitre increased dramatically (although most people didn't notice it). I started to affect my breathing (was pressing on my windpipe) so I was referred to a surgeon. I am now 5 weeks post surgery.

I put up with being fobbed off for 4 years, if you have a swelling you need to insist that you are referred to a specialist and have a scan to determine the cause of the swelling. Good luck.


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