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Dr Skinner


Thinking about going to Dr Skinner.

Does he acknowledge Vit D, Vit B12, Ferriton link with hypo symptoms? I'm low in all 3; Vit D the only one outside the range at 14, the other two at the low end of the range and GP said 'normal', however, I've started to supplement myself. Haven't felt any real difference with the Vit D supplementation (lower back, groin pain - hoping that would improve), maybe the B12 will make a difference (just started supplements last week). On 100mcg levo and having hyper symptoms too which are awful, internal vibration when I lie down and sleep, waking around 3ish and not sure what's causing that, adrenals? Frustrated at not finding anyone who can actually help. Also waiting for NHS Endo referral but desperate to get some answers sooner rather than later as been ongoing for years.

Anyway, if anyone has any advice on Dr Skinner and his thoughts on the vitamin link grateful received.



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Hi Gillanc.

I'm not sure if he thinks there's a link but he does ask me each visit what my levels are and how much I'm taking. I get the feeling he sees that they can impact on how well you feel.



Hi When I saw him the only test and treatment was for thyroid and he rarely tested for that. May have altered. A good endo, can be cheaper, they test everything and look at everything in their field and know about the body in detail, so other problems etc. Also cheaper often and tell the GP to do any tests etc if no insurance.

He is extremely nice and cares about his patients. I hope this helps.



Hi Guys, thanks for replying. I did wonder what Mr Skinner tested for and if the tests where through your GP or if you had to go armed with a raft of test result paid for by yourself.

The last endo I saw in Edinburgh (NHS) was hopeless. I don't even know what tests he did - wasn't really prepared for it - better equipped now and getting angry enough to fight back or at least ask lots of questions! I'm waiting to see another one, but not heard anything yet re appointment. Will be weeks to wait. So, I'm a bit stuck on where to go for help. The only other Endo I know of outside NHS is Dr Toft and I've not heard much good reviews regarding him. The other option is to see a nutritionist but again potentially not cheap paying for lots of tests and money is tight. I do think my vitamin levels are an issue, so I'm working on that, also potentially adrenals but had a stress test last March and it seemed ok, not sure I need to do another one, and possibly need to work on gut/digestion issues and then see if the levo is the problem.

It just takes so long trying to figure it out yourself but even with help (Dr P last year which was frustrating more than anything) there is no easy road.


Hi again, I would try and find a good endo and try and see them privately, cheaper too. Then they will write to GP for the tests. I see a wonderful lady but too far for you. Tests are important but so is how you feel. A good endo combines thoughts of both! Look on hospital lists near to you. Get names, cross reference them to the private hospitals ( even if going NHS) then look up their CV`s, a lot have them on the WEB. Not perfect but I find all my brilliant consultants that way, GP useless! Also ask people but make sure they mean good not necessary nice, that is a bonus! When I changed to a private endo, I was amazed all the related problems she found. No WEB or TUK then.

Best wishes,


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