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Will carpal tunnel symptoms improve if I ever get treated for my thyroid problems ?


Opted for injection instead of op last year in left wrist for carpal tunnel but have a couple of numb fingers for the past few days again and I have nearly every hypo symptom

Blood test 8/1/13

Peroxidase antibodies of 317 (range <49)

TSH 3.41(range 0.4-4.0)

FT4 14.7 (range 12-22)

Abnormal Inflamation markers and liver function tests lastest ones below

Blood test on 12/3/13 - no Thyroid function tests done

CRP 10.0 (range <5.0)

Gamma GT 115 (range <40.0)

ESR 26 (range 4.00-12.00)

Cholesterol 5.8 (range <5.2)

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It is a possibility - and I would wish to see what happened by getting to good thyroid hormone levels before submitting to anything else. Those thyroid results are not good, in my view.

But any form of numbness should be accompanied by, at the very least, a check of your vitamin B12 levels.


The short answer would be yes, but things are not always black and white.

My CTS has improved with my Levo increase but I'm also taking COQ10 and B12. The good news is that I did some hand washing yesterday and I had a few twinges but nothing like I used to.

I used to get worn down by the pains and the 'electric shocks' if I moved my hand wrong. Cleaning was a real no-no. That is 99% improved now.

Hope this helps. Marie XX


My carpal tunnel went when properly medicated.

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My bad Carpel Tunnel in both hands went completely when my blood results were up at the upper end of normal. I was just about to have an operation, thank goodness I didn't. Having an injection for temporary relief is not a problem as this has no permanent effect. Don't have any operation until you are adequately medicated, in other words when your TSH is lower and your T4 is higher, you need about three to six months of being higher to notice if your Carpel Tunnel is responding. Mine disappeared pretty quickly, within three months.

My orthopedic specialist blamed my carpa, muscles, tnedon, nerve damage on my thyroid and didnt think the injections would work. They put that in writing to my GP and Rhemutologist to say sort ou t the thyroid then see if these issues are still present. First time ever anybody has pointed out the thyroid. Not even my useless Endo has said that.

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