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9 Years of Hypo - Part 2 - getting diagnosed

Hi All

So to continue my story.

When I was heavily pregnant I was really worried about why I losing my eyebrows - but the doctor told me there was nothing wrong with me. So I booked an appointment to see a trichologist. A lot of money for one appointment (we are so vulnerable when we are sick). I did say when booking the appointment I was pregnant and could they still help me. They said yes. Then when I got there they said obviously they couldn't offer any treatment, help me or do any tests as I was pregnant. so just wanted to see me..£££ !!

He did suggest a possible iron issue as I was vegetarian and had started to crave meat. So there was possibly an iron/ferritin problem. As I was pregnant and had various bloods done, I checked out my various past test results when I got home. My ferritin level was 44 and the range was 12 - 210. Perhaps if my GP had listened to me more, he may have looked at my tests results and suggested that when pregnant iron should be higher. I also realised that week that all the hair from my arms and legs had fallen off.

Moving forward to when I had my baby a few weeks later. As this was my 3rd baby and I had something to compare this to - I knew I wasn't well. I felt dreadful and knew my health was failing by the day.

My baby and I went along to the doctors for our 6 weeks check. All fine except when I brought up the issue that I wasn't feeling great. The key symptoms I was suffering at this point where:

1) My lovely dark brown sleek eyebrows had all completely and utterly fallen out- only white patches where they had been. I looked freaky. I invested in an eyebrow crayon

2) My hair was coming out in ropes!! I always had long thick hair (thank goodness) and had never had hair loss after previous pregnancies. But eventually I lost about 35-40% of my hair. Every pillow, carpet, sofa I travelled by had my hair on it. The vacuum cleaner got blocked with my hair and washing it was horrendous. I had to pull all the dead hair out of the hairbrush and pile it up as I combed it.

3) My muscles were so stiff and ached - I had to struggle to get out of chairs. My muscles felt so cramped like I had been locked in a box!

4) Bad, raw joint pain - particularly in wrists and in hip joints. I was worried I was getting arthritis.

5) Exhaustion..........fatigue......complete blood draining exhaustion.....

6) Flushed, red cheeks

7) Constant cold,

8) Pain - absolute agony when I had very minor bumps or bangs. This I found the most painful. Catching my elbow on a door frame when carrying in shopping, stubbing my toe on a step. Lots of clumsiness on a very minor scale, but that made me physically sick with pain for hours.

The above list doesn't include all the problems - just the major one. The GP said he would refer me but never did. After weeks of searching for a reason behind all my symptoms I came across Thyroid UK and Lynn Mynott. Thank goodness.......................

It was obvious I had thyroid and adrenal problems I just needed to get a doctor to believe me so I could get treatment.,

I went back with my husband (who was worried sick about me) to see another GP in the practise. We told her all my symptoms, my husband pointed out I was not a 'frequent flyer' at the GP practise and someone had to take me seriously.

She said it was obvious I had an underactive thyroid from all the symptoms. I asked her to repeat that - I could not believe someone in the medical world actually believed me and I burst into tears - grief knowing I had a young family and was ill - and relief knowing that finally someone listened to me.

I will talk next time about finally getting treatment.


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Lizanne, another site you might enjoy looking at. Dana has had similiar experiences to you. PR



Many thanks for that link - a great web site and I identify a lot with her history and experiences.

Its fantastic that there is so much info out there now



Hi Unfortunately we have mostly all had these problems with GP`s. Make sure you have a TSH, T4 and free T3 test for the correct treatment. FT3 usually after being on treatment with Levo ( T4 ) for a bit.A lot of people need T3 together with T4 for all the symptoms and to feel better.

Best wishes,



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