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My FOI request to Lambeth PCT; reported them to Office of the Information Commissioner

In early Jan 13 i made an FOI request. Lambeth PCT was clearly v uncomfortable with answering my awkward question which was to do with GP funding. Most of you will know that some diseases are worth points and every point = additional funding for the GP.

So i wanted to know whether gps still get the HypoT funding point for me if i am having to buy my own NDT because NHS will not prescribe, and pay for private blood tests because nhs tsh test is in adequate.

Lambeth PCT failed to discharge its statutory obligation by responding within 20 days. Instead they sent a half-8rsed answer and said the rest of the info would follow 'in due course'. They ended up sending the rest of the info at the end of Feb - written in a way so as to make it impossible to understand but i believe the answer is that they get funding points JUST for you having the disease and being registered.

So GP are rewarded for failure and for doing NOTHING, not for managing your disease which is what i always thought the funding points were for.

In any case i reported them to the OIC, who acted promptly and sent them a letter CC'd to me which reminds them of their obligation to respond within 20 days and also that if they continue this pattern, ie there are more complaints about tardiness, they will be sent a section something-or-other notice. And that pleases me ever so slightly.

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Well done Bluedaffodil! It pleases me ever so slightly also!


Well done you, if more people stood up and complain I think the GP's attitude to their patients would have to change. It must have taken a lot of time and effort on your part to achieve what you have, so again, well done you.

Moggie x


How satisfying - do let us know the final outcome hope it's favourable! Janet.


My message is that you should always complain. We need to chip away at them.

I nearly didnt complain when i got the response, thinking well ok they've replied, but the fact is they replied late and in a half 8rsed way and they have an obligation to respond within 20 days


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