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Eyes gone funny

I've had this in the past, but not for a long time. My eyes have gone "funny". It's odd, it feels like I'm straining to see through a film. Is this something to do with the meds I'm taking or hypothyroidism? I'm probably due to see an optician, but I remember last time they were really bad and I went the optician said my sight was fine!

Has this happened to anyone else?

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I get that when I've spent too long on my pc, i also get sore eyes due to TED so use eyes drops for dry eyes, hope you manage to sort it out, x x x


When I was very unwell with my thyroid, it felt as though I was seeing everything through a yellow window. If I am undermedicated I still get this a bit when my next dose of NDT is due. I too went to the optician who could find nothing wrong? Don't know if this is similar? I think Dr S describes this phenomena in his book.

Could you need a change in dosage? I think it would be a good idea to get your thyroid levels checked. xx


Hi Clarebear - I'm off to see Dr P in a couple of weeks. I've booked another blood test for Friday next week so I have up to date results. The lab have agreed to do T3 this time. (Shame they need to be "persuaded", but credit to my GP who rang them for me.)


Good that they are doing FT3 and I'm sure Dr P will know what is going on :) xx


Yes, whenever I'm feeling particularly bad my eyes are always affected, similar to how you describe and sometimes I find that one of my eyes doesn't focus properly. My optician couldn't find anything wrong either. I'm almost positive it's due to hypothyroidism.


Hi I see an opthalmic surgeon for many reasons. I do have things like MD, TED, Cataracts etc. However, I saw her recently after the optician could not find anything. new. I literally could not see in the evenings. She thinks it is either the muscles, which may be vit D or the prisms of my specs. She has refered me to a specialist in this are, not many about.She and I are pretty sure it is my general health( I am very ill) ,as she is very good. I am waiting to see this lady at the Queen Elizabeth in Birmigham, she is quite well known and is away at the moment. Seeing her in 2 weeks.

However, my grand daughter ( 13) also has this problem, more common in children She lives in Hampshire and see a special opthalmic optician who, unusually deals with this.

Make sure first that you vit D is OK. If low be sure to have calcium tests first as the corrected calcium must always be in range, D effects it.Of course, D also effects the thyroid as it is hormonal.

I hope this helps.



Yes, I get this all the time and have done for a few years now, pretty much from when I was diagnosed, maybe slightly before.

There's nothing wrong with my eyesight but I also have been told I have dry eyes and have glasses for when it gets really bad. The glasses seem to help my eyes go back to normal quicker and also help stop possible migraines coming on sometimes.

The drops don't really do much for me. My GP has given me some 'anti-allergy' drops, which help a bit more.

I just deal with it like everything else unfortunately, although it has been a bit scary if it happens when I'm driving, have to blink loads to try and see clearly(I can see, it's just a bit foggy)! :)


Thanks for everyone's replies. My eyes seem better today. Nice to know I'm not the only one. The first time it happened, I remember well, was just before I was ill the first time when I was at uni. I think this is the first time it's happened since I had the menopause, so I'm guessing it's an effect of my body adjusting to the meds.


I have exactly this thing myself!

When it began I think it was before my diagnosis, and I blamed it on energy-saving bulbs in the house. We had just moved in and were experimenting with bulbs and wattage - some are just rubbish and some are like normal bulbs, and we were trying out different brands.

I would walk into a room, turn on the light and look around for the thing I had come in for and everything looked flat and dull and It was like I could see it all as a group but I couldn't distinguish one item from another. It's hard to say how to pull the threads apart between vision and perception, and I couldn't tell which of these was affected. Does that make sense?

Now, after ht dx and 150mcg thyroxine, and extensive ophthalmology examinations thanks to misdiagnosis by an endo registrar, at least now I know my eyes are in good shape, but I still feel that I am looking at things but not seeing them. I have an appropriate script for reading glasses but I still struggle to read in certain lights, certain print, colour, etc. My eyes are dry too.

It is quite like wearing dirty glasses all the time.

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Yes, like wearing dirty glasses is a good way to describe it. I don't have dry eyes, though.

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Yes I experience the same problem!

Has anyone had a problem with eyelashes turning inwards? This happens to me but only on one eye! They irritate my eye so much that I have to pluck out the offending eyelashes.




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