at last got a gp acknowledgement for active b12

i have enough b12 in my blood 778 or something like that but my folate is 5.7 and the ref range is 32. to 20, at last i have the test paper- signed by my gp, he said if you are paying i have no onjection, glad i have it but i thinkit appalling that we have to pay to be well. wondering what the outcome will be....

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  • Hi pettals a little progress I suppose - step by step - - well done - hope it helps X

  • yes- we will see.x

  • Glad that you are beginning to get somewhere. It's been a long haul. Just keep fighting and you will get there oneday.

    Jo xx

  • i am tired jo an dworn out and everyday something else crops up, right now raving ear ache an d swollengum its been there a year just told put drops in--- but i hav eperforation and told by suregon NOT to get it wet. i cost too much money for the gps, on the scrap heap. an dthat bloody george osbourne, tying everyone with the same brush on benefits as that awful philpott, gggrrrrr..

  • Good luck

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