What affect does anemia and very low vitamin d have on autoimmune hypothyroidism?

I am currently taking 75mg of levothyroxine. When I was first diagnosed my cholesterol increased to 7.3 - it's now gone down to 6.2. My tsh has gone down to 1.0. About 1 month after starting levothyroxine I started getting left jaw pain - which has not gone away. I've had my heart checked out & it's fine. My gp then checked my vitamin levels. I don't know the numbers but my vitamin d was very low and I was put on a high dose of vit d - 40000 iu per day for 10 days then 20000iu once a week. I am still anemic despite being on iron tablets for about 7 months. I have also tested negative for being a coeliac. I am struggling to lose weight and the doctors do not seem interested. I was wondering if anyone had any advice as it would be greatfully appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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  • Hi Well D is a hormone so strongly effects thyroid, important to keep calcium in range with vit D, blood test for corrected calcium.I had to stop al,l my vit D although my vit D very , very low, my calcium went too high. Re test D and calcium in 3 months to start with. It takes D that to be fully in the blood. Likely to be the jaw problem , teeth , muscles especially legs etc. Iron, Mine did not have a direct bearing bearing on thyroid but does make you feel rough.However, if test still low sounds that you may need more, ask GP, or better endo if seeing one, for D too. You also need tests fro Glucose ( autoimmune and hormonal) B12 and Folic acid.and yes the blood test for Caeliac disease, but not very reliable. Often the best way if test negative to have the horrible diet for 1 months. and see.With autoimmune thyroid you may get other autoimmune diseases, there are dozens, I think my last count I had 12. If possible see a good endo as really quite complicated. and they would test all these. If voice and swallowing become a problem you will also need a scan of thyroid and possibly a biopsy ( routine). When you have been on treatment for a while, make sure you have a tSH, T4 and especially Free T3 test. You may also need some T3 on a script.

    I hope that gives you a few ideas.

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    Always have copies of your blood results + ranges as they vary at different labs.

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  • Thanks for replying. Wow - vitamin d deficiency causes leg pain! I ve had pain in both legs, which is aggravated by walking, for 2 years. It started after having neck surgery - a scalenectomy for TOS. I ve basically been fobbed off with extremely strong pain killers - oxycodone. I think I need to see an endo. Do you know anyone in the Manchester area?

  • Hi You mentioned some tests make sure you have also had B12 and Foliac acid done and Glucose, hormonal and autoimmune, similar symptoms to thyroid disease,especially to start with, It sounds as if you should also be under a Rheumatologist?

    Regarding endo, I have a wonderful lady but a very long way from you, Leamington Spa.

    However Louise has a short list louisewarvill@thyroiduk.org An endo should look after all these things, including your iron.Have you tried Spatone ( Amazon), my endo says that is best for absorption and lack of side effects. It is liquid sachets.On Vit D you need to watch your calcium level to make sure it is not above range.

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  • I suggest you read this blog.


    Low iron seems to prevent proper use of thyroid hormone.

    I urge you to get tested for vitamin B12. I found some jaw/face pain changed from very unpleasant to nothing when I started taking B12 supplements. I now take 1000 mcg methylcobalamin - not even every day. Needs do vary quite a lot.


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