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Hi all,

I am now on 200mcg of Levo and still feeling rubbish, as I thought I would but I persevered but now its time to try something else. Under the direction of Dr S I will hopefully be trying T3 soon. However from the reading I have been doing and advice I have received I know before I start T3 that I need to make sure everything else is in sync (b12 etc) and have an idea of my thyroid status, so thats what I will do. Will have to be private though since, as Ive posted before, my GP isnt interested. So my question is - from what I have read it is best to wait until you have been on a Levo dose for 6 weeks before testing, is that correct? Could I go ahead and test b12, vit d, iron, ferritin etc now and then do TFTs in another few weeks? I know that sounds a silly question but I just want to get it right as it is a lot of money for them all. Splitting them would also spread out the cost!


Gail x

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  • Hi, sorry you're still feeling rubbish but I'm glad you have seen Dr S to help you.

    I don't know about timings can you ask Dr S? if you've just upped your dose, at least 6 weeks seems usual before re-testing? have you looked at info about tests on the main TUK site?

    Vitamins & minerals as you've said + folate

    Vitamin D pinprick test (NHS lab £25)

    best wishes Jane :D

  • Thanks Jane, thats really helpful.

    I have compiled a list of tests now that I am going to order, including the above.


    Gail x

  • Hi I agree with Jane, usually it is best to be well established on the thyroxine or NDT and then see if you need FT3 by retesting the TSH, T4 and Free T3. I use Blue Horizon for this as my health authority no longer do FT3 testing, I pay £61 to include the £10 discount form thyroid UK, quote TUK or their main site. Can Dr. S not test for you, cheaper? The other relevant tests the GP should do anyway with thyroid disease. It is certainly important to have the D tested hormonal and if low calcium test before treatment. re test after 3 months., also diabetes, glucose, autoimmune and hormonal B12 and foliates and ferritin/iron also most important.

    It does take a while to become stable.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Jackie,

    Thank you for your help. Dr S hasnt mentioned testing and so I didnt ask to be honest. I figured I would just have to do it myself. My GP wont test for anything thyroid related as they do not believe I have a thyroid disorder. Having said that they wont even test for Vit D or B12 now I am supplementing yet they diagnosed me deficient in in the first place! Head + wall = bang!!


    Gail x

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