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help with whats next?

So i posted my latest thyroid panel results and clearly my tsh is rising everytime well my t4 is low but in range, i have my bnp, selenuim, autoimmune blood results back tomorrow, im also sending of my cortisol test tomorrow.

The thing is where do i go from there if they all come back fine, whats the next thing to do?

I had major high anxiety all day yesterday and i was in bits, been dizzy the last few days real bad, i feel im at the end of my tether, i have a gp appointment tomorrow and i have my endo in may, where and what do i do from here? x

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Also i am doing a private active b12 this week, am i doing all the right things? x


Also found this "A brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) test measures the amount of the BNP hormone in your blood. BNP is made by your heart and shows how well your heart is working. Normally, only a low amount of BNP is found in your blood. But if your heart has to work harder than usual over a long period of time, such as from heart failure, the heart releases more BNP, increasing the blood level of BNP. The BNP level may drop when treatment for heart failure is working.

So surely there is a close connection with this and thyroid if its both hormone? x


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