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Could I be suffering under active thyroid?

In June last year I was diagnosed with Pernicious Anaemia, been having regular B12 injections but still feel like rubbish. Exhausted, numbness in back, fingers, arms, aches and pains, sore eyes, weightgain, migraines and headaches for weeks at a time, these are just a few things and now off work with depression. My last thyroid test a year ago the reading was 4.18 (range 0.4- 4.20). Awaiting another blood test result this week.

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Sometimes people dont feel at there best unless there tsh is 1 or below, yours being just under the high range suggests that you are hypo, have the checked your ft3 and ft4?


If your TSH is above the range and considering you have symptoms, there is no reason why the GP should not start treatment. If he/she goes by the guidelines laid down, they may insist you wait till TSH reaches 10, which is horrendous if they do.

I hope you get a prescription. I have PA and Hypo.


Hi TSH on its own is not a good guide,, cost cutting! you need also to have a T4 and Free T3 test, with ranges.Normally on treatment the T4 needs to be about a third near the top of range and Free T3 right near the top. For this reason a lot of us need Levo ( T4) and T3 on a script.Only the tests will show this.If Gp unable t test then it is worth paying for them so that you can have the correct treatment.

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Not knowing what the financial impact would be on those who want to do private testing but noticed that Genova Europe will do all the thyroid and both antibody tests for 126 pounds. I don't know about Blue Horizon which I've seen mentioned but it may behoove people who are being put off for months at a time while their health goes down to be able to prove to their GP in NHS that they need treatment and go ahead with private testing. You need someone to draw the blood also.


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