When is a sore throat more than that?

Hi all, how do you know if you have a sore throat or your white blood cell count is low? I've had many a sore throat but at the moment I can't seem to shift it and it sometimes feels like my throat is closing up. It looks red but not swollen.

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  • Hello, If you are sure that you don't have an infection (the doctor may have checked you for strep throat or glandular fever), it could be that your thyroid medication is not optimised. Do you have any other symptoms that have are resolved since starting thyroid replacement?

    Jane x

  • Hi Janeb, the excessive sweating has eased since being on the medication but I also have numb fingertips that I didn't have before I started. My hair is also thickening up which is a good thing. There is a fine white coating on the back of my tongue but no marks on my throat

  • Can you post on here what you are taking, and also your latest test results with their ranges, then we might be able to make suggestions about how to proceed. Jane x

  • The doctor didn't give me my results but I might call them today and try to get them. I'm taking carbimazole, propranolo and one alpha vitamin d

  • p.s. Do you have any white marks on the back of your tongue or throat?

  • Hi, can I ask why you asked this question?

    My case is very mild. I took carbimazole for approx 3 weeks and due to severe itching, stopped taking it two weeks ago.

    My throat felt a little swollen yesterday and today it is worse. I have a small, pale circular mark at the back of my throat.

    I have no idea if I could still be at risk two weeks after a short medication time?

  • I asked because my daughter had white lumpy spots on the back of her throat and tonsils which affectionately became known as her "throat mank"! She had it for ages and the GP wasn't interested, but once she was on T3 they went. Jane x

  • Oh dear, that's terrible!

    Well, I really don't think my sore throat is that serious. If it persists I'll give my GP a ring.

    Thanks for your reply!

  • I would tell you to go to the doctors straightaway and have a bloodtest. I'm also overactive and on carb. everything I've read tells you to have the test. So when I had a bad throat I went to the Doctors and they put me on antibiotics and tested my blood - everything was ok.

  • Thanks Tory, looks like I'll be booking an appointment asap.

  • I usually let a sore throat go as they are more often viral in nature. One time I suffered for a whole month and as I look back, I think it was an autoimmune attack. I think it was shortly before or after being diagnosed with Hashimoto's.

  • Vitamin D3 is very very important to make sure you ward off infections. It is vital and if yours is low or not there (like everyone in this country at this time of year) you will get a lot of these type of infections as you won't have a properly armed immune system. I got at least two colds a year which made me very ill indeed as I have chest complications. I was put on permanent antibiotics which is a really bad thing but the only thing I could do. Last November I took myself off these and started high doses of Vitamin D3 and I informed my doctor, his response was "see you soon then" ! I didn't see him at all, it is now April and my partner had a cold two weeks ago which I did not catch, neither have I had any of the only too frequent chest infections and I have not taken anymore antibiotics. The side effects of the D3 also reduced the pain and inflammation in my Arthritic thumb and finger joints so much so that I have not had to use the cream I was constantly using and the Ibruprofen. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed. (It takes a few weeks to build it up). You will need 5000-10000iu's daily to start off with.

  • The doctor prescribed me 1 microgram vit d a day and told me to also take 1000iu a day over the counter. I'm hoping that it will boost me. Thanks for the advice

  • Thank you Phoebs, I've been touting D3 and posted a video here last year on its importance so I'm glad you brought it up again. I was very low myself and have taken high dose D3 and am still pretty low and I also tan very well and golf a lot during summers so I know there is definitely a problem converting sunshine for hypothyroid people. But actually, I haven't had a throat infection in years which is kind of ironic, I haven't been sick except for muscle problems because of Hashimoto.

    The throat problem was probably 15 years ago and I'm still thinking it was due to an antibody attack because it lasted so long. Since I had no other symptoms like a fever, just a burning throat. I only wish I knew then what I know now. I suppose we all feel that way but we can all try to overcome that with the wonderful support we find here.

  • Heloise its a thankless task sometimes as you say "touting" the Vit D3 message. I recently posted some advice on a popular website for mothers and babies to try to get the message across. I was written to by the site owners who said that they did not like people "soapboxing" and that my post had been removed, they also wished me a happy vitamin filled life....! Unbelievable really isn't it. They did apologise later but it was not a pleasant experience.

  • That is really unfortunate, Phoebs. Lately I feel that many, many chronic illnesses can lay at the feet of some sort of deficiency. I started a blog on iodine deficiency here at TUK and I understand that it was toned downward because you have to be very judicious about adding iodine if you have Hashimoto's.

    I think our bodies are wonderfully efficient but I think what we put in them is so distorted now that they add all these artificial ingredients to make them taste and look more marketable.....therefore profitable.....and then the unknown chemicals that have been drizzled on them that we can't possibly see. But keep trying to wake people up, Phoebs. They should at least know the dangers and the options before them. If only doctors would have the same enthusiasm we have for figuring out the puzzle of chronic illness.

  • Re your last sentence, I have just said something similar but much much more strongly in my letter of support for Dr Skinner, hauled up again by jealous ignorant members of his own profession.

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