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what do you think of these tests please

blood tests from a recent apppt.

serum folate 5.7 ug/l r.range. 3 to 20

serum ferritin 156 ug/l 25 to 300

vit b12 744 ng/l 180 to 800

comments. ft3 also requested. tsh within ref range suggests adequate replacement with t3

aliquot store frozen.

tsh o.75 mu/l 0.27 to 4.2.

ft4 3.2 pmol/l 12 to 22

no t3 was done! OH YES I TAKE 20MCG T3 ONLY

i do not supplemet any B's, as i didnt want to skew anything.

meanwhile myhair is the worst ever- candy floss and miniturisng fast and falling out , full of electricity, am so tired, dry skin dry fat swollen tongue, sore gums,

blocked ears,

catarrh, ageing fast skin,

poor quality sleep,

eyes drop water from buckets all day

and the list goes on and on and on and on and on....

and i AM NORMAL!


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Do you feel hypo? Your TSH could be lower so an increase may help. It might be worth doing a private test if you can afford to. It would give an idea of whether you need an increase or not.

Your folate is quite low. You may benefit from taking a modest amount of folic acid along with some vitamin B12, or maybe just a B complex supplement. There are other B vitamins that could be causing the problem with your hair. Biotin is one of these and is contained in some B complexes.

Many of your symptoms seem to be common hypothyroid symptoms including the dry, fat swollen tongue. Who is prescribing your T3? Can you get them to increase your dose?

Another thing could be your cortisol. You may want to try the circadian method if your cortisol is low.

I hope you find the solution soon!

Carolyn x


yes thanks carolyn i have always had low cortisol and low dha ignored of course. i cannot believe that these are so shoddy.... an di cant believe that the biochemist has left these remarks. my eno last year gave me t3, he has since left the trust and i saw his registrar. i am just gonna get my tets done for immunology next week hopefully and then i am going to take folic acid, pregenolone, bio id progesterone, naturethroid dhea, b12 spray biotin ... and licorace i am so sick of this thanks all you guys.


Hi Pettals

Sorry to hear you are feeling so rubbish. I think from similar posts from you and I - we are both in the same boat! So I guess while that's not much comfort at least there are 2 of us to do the rowing to shore!!

My DHEA and testosterone are almost off the bottom of the scale (I didn't even know girls had testosterone but I guess we must do!). I am currently on 125mg of T4 and 40 mg T3. I will be going on dhea again to try and get my level up.

My symptoms are so similar to you but one thing you haven't mentioned is Vitamin D. Mine was always very, very low but with supplementing (5000iu a day) I have brought mine up into normal range. I can now tell when my vitamin d is dipping (if I run out and forget to buy more VIt D capsules). My nails get very soft and peel and break. So I think taking it must help with hair on your head too. I still have problems with hair loss but at least the hair I have seems to be shiny and strong when I take Vit D. Just throwing that in to you as you mention candy floss hair.

Have you any recent Vit D test results?

Hang in there!



hi L, yes mine was always low tili went to dr mouton--- i bougt pure vut d, and it went up, i forget about it and noone bothers to test, i will get some more but i am due immune tests nextweek so i am going to hang on another week then shove all and bloody sundry down my neck. xx keep intouch sister!!!


Hi pettals - sorry you are feeling so bad. Sounds like you need some more T3, but obviously a ft3 test would be very useful. Usually when on sufficient T3 TSH is suppressed and yours isn't. Also 20mcg would seem quite a low dose if no on any T4.

Your vitamins/minerals look ok to me, but I'm no expert.

Who is prescribing tthe T3? Xx


thankyou clarebear see see above reply..xxx


Blood tests are notoriously unreliable when you're taking T3. Chances are that if your FT3 was tested it would be high enough to make your doc nervous, which is why I could never get proper support with T3 from the NHS. Whoever is giving you T3 should know this and dose by symptoms, although I have to say it never happened for me in the NHS.

20mcg is still quite a small dose. The BNF says 20 -60 and there are people out there on three times that.

You could try an increase, 5mcg at time. You'll soon know if it's too much!



thankyou please see above collective thankyou xx


Hi Petals

I am trialling increasing my T3 only with trepidation but still trying.

In Dec

TSH 1.03

fT3 5.6 (on 30mcg T3)

fT4 1.7

B12 702

Ferritin 56 (had been 5) in April 2012

Vit D up to 88 in Aug 2012

The TSH and fT3 results made me think I have margins to up even in the "NHS misguide to living".

I have gone from 30mcg NHS prescribed up to 45 over the last week. I can seem to be a bit racey at times but if I then take the T3 it seems to calm pulse etc down - not how NHS had led me to think it would work. I am trying the Circadian rhythm method for the second time -

Now roughly 20mcg at 5:30ish back to sleep ( and I actually sleep now :-) last time I couldn't sleep after any pre - waking dose. )

then 15mcg at 11 - 12 ish away from food.

And 10mcg about 17:00.

I have had an odd scary high blood pressure BUT on the whole they are still low and steady. They can be higher pre the dose !?!?

Temps still seem the same slightly low - but are narrowing in range (not long enough to be sure) I think Dr Rind would say the narrower the range the closer you are to right dose.

My NHS test said B12 in range but I think the bloods dont show the cellular level so I have added in supplement with advice - Dr P said B12 plus folate good but having run out I am now trying a Vit B complex.

Did they test your Vit D ? - NHS put me on Vit D about 10 months ago and it seems to help.

Mouth and tongue still sore but mostly better and putting off needed dental appointment as it always makes it worse. Iron can be key in this one - I am on NHS ferrous gluconate. Hair still like a haystack - a thinner haystack.

I stayed awake for an evening music session The first time in months and months :-) only listening but who knows I might even be able to play some time.

Sleep better than it was.

Good Luck with finding your optimum dose.



yes i was readin gabout that ferrous gluconate? in place of folic or is it different?


Ferrous gluconate is different - it is an iron supplement - Ferrous sulphate is the most usual form prescribed by NHS but it can cause constipation - I queried this with my GP who changed my prescription to ferrous gluconate - better in my case for digestion.

Folic Acid - see netdoctor.co.uk/diseases/fa...

We need iron, folic acid and B12 :-)


yes thanks for that .


can you buy the gluconate or is prescription only.


Don't know sorry :-(


Hi Pettals,

Sorry you are not feeling your best. I dont know if this will be of any help but it might. It is my experience & everyone is different. Hope it helps others out there. I'm new here so hello all.

Meds, GP, etc didn't help so I did something different as other things not working ...for TOO long. Things just didn't work. I suffer from Graves but for a long time – since 2009. For 18 months I have had problems doing normal things and getting out of bed. (for years all OK and on same meds then it all went haywire) I sort of gave in to how feeling - not even the energy to bother and even before diagnosis I have never felt like this. I am ashamed of myself that I put up with this for so long...

About 2 mts ago I lost alot of weight then in a month put about a stone on! but felt worse as out of control regarding this but the weight gain made me pay more attention to myself..I'm kinda vain!.

My blood tests were borderline up or down in all this time (18 months) so they put me on anti-depressants a year ago to see if it would lift things. Felt I was just "existing" & no interest in anything. Normally I'm a workaholic and always up before 9 at weekends but sleeping till 8pm some days, 4pm other days in week and not working - I had worked for myself but now I couldn't care less and being broke seemed better than doing anything to help myself- cant get back to bed before 2 am or 3am.

Its not good when you cant be bothered to do the washing up but this is a huge INDICATOR for me!!! You get the picture. I have seen about 7 locums in 6months and no consistent GP so got different info from them all!! I wasn’t too happy.

I then thought I'd do better trying to figure things myself and try where I could to make a nightmare of myself to get what I wanted! (in a nice way!!). Recently I had one female GP tell me that watering eyes all the time was a sign I was menopausal - none of the male GP's ever mentioned this! and I already had operations in both eyes to sort in 2009 - it was a waste of time and now worse! OK the odd one GP makes sense but they often are at a loss and just dont know. It helps if they are familiar with your notes.

Anyway - things I found out when I turned angry.... (with myself)


- Breathing properly is very important - breathe like a baby, breathe deep and your stomach should rise when you breathe in otherwise you are not getting the benefit, if you can breathe out slowly through nose! that’s good . It helps you relax and makes a HUGE difference to you mental health/welbeing and how your skin looks. There is a link between the intestine and brain and breathing properly will make a huge difference to HOW YOU FEEL. Put on non acidic music if you like music and switch off. Alot of music is acidic and or negative. Invest in some amazing earphones and candles. Rest and relaxation is underestimated. Dont forget that to relax properly you do have to plan it otherwise you are likely to omit it in your life. If you can lie on your back while relaxing it is amazingly better and go for a sauna often it can help with eyes watering in some cases so worth a try.

- Drink alot of WATER - if this isn't your thing (it isn't mine) buy some groovy "coloured glass" wine glasses and pretend ...ducks wine! and walk aroud the house with a wine glass in your hand whenever you want - at breakfast does get some fun reactions which will amuse people. Perrier is very "cool" with a good dash or lime. You will feel better as dehydration isn't noticed and will make you feel agitated and headachy and tired and affect your hair and skin. Brain is made up of high% of water.

- SELENIUM is brillant for your hair and nails (I hadn't been taking it!!) a German locum told me that it was Major if you have thyroid issues and start taking straight away (nobody ever mentioned this) You can't buy it on its own at Boots (I couldn’t anyway) but Holland & Barrett do it. £7.95 approx for 200ug 100 tablets - it has 364% of your daily EC RDA.

- FOLIC ACID - My GP prescribed when German doctor did a blood test for it so I had no Selenenium and my folic acid was too low. I have never in my whole treatment had this tested but done by German doctor with B12 aswell. My B12 was mid range but again never tested before. If one of these is not right dose then it affects everything so ask for a test of these. I noticed on my blood print out though that they DO NOT recommend that this test is done frequently!!!! Daft!! You are unlikely to feel at your best if these are out - fact. They work together.

- WATERING EYES Some sufferers of this do get a gel prescribed for them by their GP's. Mine refused but I'm working on this one. Why do some prescribe no problem and others dont. They will refer to optomologists when refuse to refer to an endocrinologist!! Dont forget that optomologists are not necessarily up to speed on everything they need to know about thyroid issues. I wouldn't go to an endocrinologist if I had sight problem but GP's just do what other GP's do and are not thinking creatively sometimes.

- SERUM FERRITIN I had a low reading and told by GP that glad I didn't have a high reading. I found the response amusing! (which gave me no info - couldn't or wouldn't explain further and up to this point had googled everything else!! – this also amused me!) So I went to a chemist who said he was right as too high indicates Iron too high and very big molecules and can cause probs for liver and some people can't handle high iron too well as can cause dreadful constipation. Mine was deemed OK at 15lg/litre (range 10-3220). ….so you can see why perhaps in my previous blood test iron was suggested as I was slightly anemic and told me to take Iron.


- I find if I book an appointment for very early morning I do get up as I cant let someone down and it makes a difference. If you have this problem arrange to meet some-one for coffee first thing - it does work for me. (You need a good friend who might help you out here even if you are meeting before they go to work) You are likely to get into right routine after a few weeks.


This worked for me and made a big difference. I have very fine hair. Dont forget I'm vain too! but these products proved worth the money and make you feel tonnes better and thats what its all about actually. Do anything to make yourself feel better and you have to live your life as though you're No 1...you are. (I have tried a lot of things) these worked.

Moroccan argan oli shampoo and conditioner- Organix range - are very good

Nourishing coconut milk - anti-breakage serum - Organix range (can put on dry hair, wear to bed!- it smells nice actually) - excellent and not greasy - available at BOOTS

Dead sea spa magik - mineral shampoo and serum (sELLS AT £3.99/SACHET both in 1 sachet. Can buy in bottles but check out in sachet first if unsure.


You need to eat well and if you crave sugar or dairy - alot of your symptoms may be a CANDIDA problem. My doctor wont test as he is obviously clairvoyant!! but look it up and symptoms are very interesting and it has a reputation for going undiagnosed - big-time. Seemingly if you put a glass of water by your bedside at night and spit into it the minute you get up and your spit looks like long strings into the water you have a CANDIDA problem.

I will get this tested because I am on a mission to rule it out. You can eat a diet to rectify it though so I gather its easily treated and alot of people have it and dont know it. Beer drinkers can have this problem and dont know why they are so depressed. Its intersting.


I noticed nearly all breads contain Soya flour (I have problems with soya) and if I cut out bread and dairy I feel like a different person. Its not that hard actually and I have huge reactions to Soya in chineese food so re bread - soya flour may be causing problems to others too if they are sensitive to it . I never thought about bread but I read ingredients now.

I hope some of this helps Pettals and the breathing really helps with feeling down, it also massages internal organs so your liver etc work at their optimum.


from Neckperson....


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