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Local sympathetic docs in warwickshire northamptonshire area desperate now for help with hypothyroidism

Further to my latest visit to once again be told I am in the normal range and questioned about my "depression" and advised to join a gym and cut down on my food intake. I am now seeking private assistance with my worsening condition. Can anyone advise a local GP or endocrinologist who treats the symptoms not the blood results? I may need to take anti depressants when my doctors finished with me! I just can't make her understand its the condition which is depressing not me. I am just a hit fed up with being told my 9 stone weight gain multiple aches and pains hair loss sleeplessness inability to walk very far through the pain and the crippling tiredness are not blinking normal!!!! Shy won't you GPs listen to the words we are saying and ignore the bloody test results! I'm not making it up for attention !!! Help please :-)

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I can't help with names of doctor's in your area... But just wanted you to know I felt *exactly* the same way as you are expressing! I think it was having to deal with my GP's condescending and unsympathetic (to say the least) treatment that was driving me to depression!

I have now seen a private GP - travelled to London to do so - but it was so worth it! She was happy to prescribe me NDT. She looked at the same blood test results as my NHS GP and her take was 'your thyroid hormone is way too low'.... She also started to correct (i.e. supplement) my iron to remedy my anaemia - something which the NHS GP has not done in the year since it was first 'discovered' by a private physical at work.

Good luck in finding the right doc! I know you will feel loads better when you do!


Hi if you private message me I can give name of good private endocrinologist in Leamington Spa

Best wishes Kerry


Hi just seen your post.Any chance you can send me the name of your endo in Leam thanks



If you email she has a list of sympathetic private doctors/nhs endocrinologists and one may be near you.

It is definitely better if you can see someone other than your GP.


Thanks Shaws I certainly will contact her.


Hi My private endo at Leamington Spa, does just that. Most very good consultants do. I only pay for consultations, rest can be arranged by her through the GP So not expensive. Long appointments, as long as you need sometimes, one and a half hours, same price. about £150 first appointment and then £90.

She is also lovely and likes patient input.

If you want her details send me a PM, click on my name , as names cannot be put on the open site.She is a general endo which is very useful.

Best wishes,



Thanks so much Jackie. I work in Leamington so that's so useful! Hurrah!,


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