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Hi everyone, two questions, firstly I need a check list for Hashimotos? complete list of smptoms

I need to quote some information in a letter, but having difficulty findind this, any suggestions, I would like a complete list of hashimotos smptoms check list and I would be grateful if somebody would give me the web page, that notes the new revised Endocronologist 2003 ranges ( TSH )


merissa x

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The Thyroid UK hypothyroidism symptom check list is here:

As around 80% of UK and USA hypothyroidism is due to autoimmune issues, and anyway there is no clear way of distinguishing which symptom is due to the Hashimoto's lymphocyte issues and which is due to plain low thyroid hormone, there really is no separate list.

Not sure what you mean " new revised Endocronologist 2003 ranges ( TSH )". Can you explain a bit more, please?



The ACCE Endocronologist, noted some where, that the cut off point for the TSH is 3.0 I think? Thanks Rod. x


I think this is what you are meaning:


Be aware that when we see things like this, the reality is that the TSH ranges do actually vary one lab to another. So it is difficult to establish exactly what the the ACCE actually mean. Certainly you cannot say that the number 3.0 can simply be used as a universal top-end cut-off.


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