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Been on't dog n bone

Trying to find the rest of my blood results.

Lovely lady on the phone, got into my account but couldnt understand why there was only the 2 results sent to me, so she is going to chase them up.

Was expecting a palaver to be honest, so hopefully will get something sorted.


The CFS clinic has rang, they have a cancellation next week, and do I want the appointment. I rang them when I got the letter saying that the triage team will be in touch and told them I had been suffering at least 15 months this bad, they have put me down as an emergency!!! Yippeee!!! They did originally tell me that it would be mid to late April till I would be seen, so thrilled I have got in that bit earlier.

So am going to print off the results when they get sent, and see what they feel, as I dont believe that it is CFS, I have been on a couple of CFS forums and they all say it sounds more like thyroid too.

So, we shall wait with baited breath!!

Ann xxx

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We look forward to your update and it is very good news.


I don,t think many people are a believer in CFS.You would prob have more luck going to DFS the sofa store,lol



That is a good start! Hopefully you get some answers and some proper treatment :)


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