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From Hyper to Hypo

Hi all,once i was diagnosed with an over active thyriod,i was put on propuricil[excuse my spelling]my Dr at the time said it was stress, he could see my tremors,i was under 7 stone,and had bulging eyes.Anyway one friday afternoon i tryed to see a Dr at my local surgery,only to be turned away,by Sunday Mum took me to out of hours,as i was being sick,and poops that wouldnt stop.Iv never been a complainer. I was admitted straight away[it was my 1st stay in hospital]they told me my bloods were deranged.Whatever that means! i was in for 4 days and was given beta blockers whilst they found out what it was that was wrong,as my pulse was off the scale,i came home with propiuricil,they kept upping it to what they said was the most they had ever seen[at endo] When they said that isnt working it was surgery firstly it was a partial thyroid removal,then at the very last minute after they had me in the SEAL unit waiting to go in for my operation,the surgeon came in and got me to sign a consent for a full thyroidectomy,i couldnt contact my Mum,it was all so quick.It will be 3 years this July coming since my op,and my thyroxine has been up and down it goes from 150mcgs to 175mcgs to 200mcgs .Im currently on 150mcgs .Is this common? I do wish id never had the op but its too late now of course .any answers will be gratfully recieved .Thank you in advance Jayne x

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Welcome Jane

I am sorry you have had such a difficult time with your thyroid gland dysfunctioning. With you having to have an emergency op too without being able to contact your mother, it must have been very frightening.

I am always surprised when people who have had a thyroidectomy are only given the basic levothyroxine.

We have to read and learn, unfortunately, about how best to try to recover our health. You have already been at the receiving end of the doctors not having a clue about the clinical symptoms of thyroid gland problems. The modern method of GP's training in clinical symptoms is woefully inept and we, the patients, are at the mercy of such treatment.

First of all, if you can get a copy of your latest thyroid gland blood test results with ranges and post for someone to comment upon them. If your GP has not done a Vit B12, Vit D. ferritin, folate and iron, ask for them to be done as they should be at the optimum level.

Some members who have had a thyroidectomy will probably give you some good advice.

The worst thing GP's can do is adjust your levothyroxine according to your TSH blood test result and not how you feel, as it can cause you to have more problems/symptoms.

Best wishes

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Thank you Shaws, i tryed to sign into last night to see your reply but for some reason it wouldnt let me, your spot on with what you have said .Thank you again Jayne x


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