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Help with blood test results

Hi, this is my first post and would like to thank you all

for all the information on this site.

i have suffered many years with hypothyroid symptoms, but blood tests are always "normal". Have had to pay for blood test privately as lab would only do tsh. This is my last stab at finding anything out, but the results all look fine to me. If anyone can suggest anything i would much appreciate it.

T4 95.8 range 58-154

TSH 2.34 range 0.4-4.0

FT4 13.1 range 10-22

FT3 6.18 range 2.8-6.5

FT4:FT3 ratio 2.1 range 2.0-4.5

TG <20.0 range 0-40

TPO <10.0 range 0-35

Forgot to mention I have just been taking 20,000 iu for 8 days, now on 5,000 a day.

Second time my vitamin d level has dropped.

Felt great for a couple of months after first large dose last year, but it didn't last long. Even on maintanance i dropped again. Is this normal?

Thanks Sparkly x

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i dont understand these all myself but all i do know is your t4 levels look high and im only saying this because before i was diagnosed the doc said my blood test for T4 was 13 something & should have been 7....well thats what he said 20yrs ago & i was feeling very very unwell till i was put on levothyroxine .

im sure others on here with more idea of these results will help you out sparky :-)


Actually, her FT4 level is rather low, Janey. Most people like it up the top of the range, but at least mid-range. Hers isn't even mid-range.

Hugs, Grey


then mine was other way round then greygoose,it must have been 7 when should have been 13 something ..i just remember these figures when doc said but hadnt a clue what he meant :-)

hugs back jane


I assume that you are not yet on medication despite clinical symptoms. I will say that your TSH is high as the TSH of a normal health person (so I understand) is usually below 1.

This is a link and you will see that this doctor (virologist) is horrified at the treatment of people who have thyroid gland problems as he was trained as a medical student on clinical symptoms. I think most doctors are complete unaware of one clinical as we are diagnosed only on the blood test results nowadays.

If you can afford to have a private consultation, email who has a list of sympathetic doctors.


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