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Newly diagnosed...advice appreciated please!!

10 days ago, out of the blue, I swelled up like a puffer fish, felt a blockage in my throat and looked terrible. My GP sent me for blood tests and a week ago I was diagnosed with dangerously low thyroid levels which had already affected my liver etc. My GP has immediately put me on low dose of Levothyroxine which is being gradually increased. I've since been sent for thyroid antibody tests as my thyroid tested normal 1 year ago. I have read up on quite a lot of information on what to take/eat and what not to take/eat but have found much of it contradictory. I still feel quite unwell at times and cold/puffy and have the strange feeling still in my throat plus a croaky voice. I'm keen to help myself as much as possible while awaiting more results and for the Levothyroxine to reach decent levels. I would be grateful for any advice that you may have built up from your own knowledge and experiences as this is all so new to me. Also, any good books on this condition that you could recommend would also be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance,


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Do you have your latest blood test results? If so, post them here and somebody will be able to help you.

But what sort of advice were you looking for? What you eat or don't eat is really not that important at the stage you appear to be. You need the thyroid hormones they are giving you. How much are you on at the moment?

Have you had your iron, B12, vit D, adrenals tested? If any of those are out of whack your body won't be able to use the hormone you give it. So if you haven't, you should get them done.

One very important thing is to always ask for a copy of your blood test results. Never just accept 'fine' or 'normal' as a diagnosis. Get the facts!

Hugs, Grey


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