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Me again, been to the GP today so have news

Hi and thank you to all that have helped me with my questions.

I went back to a different GP today as my usual one is off sick.

I took the advice to take a list of symptoms and questions with me.

She listened and agreed something was wrong.

She has prescribed me folic acid 5mg and I'm to carry on with the ferritin as my levels are very low.

I am having more blood tests;

Free T3

Vit d

TgAb thyroglobulin Antibodies


Will free t4 be included in the TFT's?

Any other tests that I need?

She has also said they might put me on a trial of levthyroxine.

Thanks for reading :-)

Tests results 15/03/2013

TSH 1.4 (0.2-4)

T4 12.7 (10-20

THyroid per oxidase 28

Ferritin 14 (10-322)

Folate 3.3 (5.4-24)

B12 544 (211-911)

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That sounds like good news all round. My TSH is higher and ft4 lower but they won't entertain the idea of a trial.

My ft3 came back as high though so that put the cat amongst the pigeons. They've said as I'm producing lots of my own ft3 then there can't be a problem!

Well done for getting this far!


It seems like you were lucky that your normal GP was away as you may not have got such a good result, even though you had obviously taken advise from here and did an amazing job of putting your case across. As tulula's answer demonstates it is unfortunately all down to the GP on the day and what their own personal views are on thyroid illness, which is a real shame for all of us.

Glad your GP is going to get you sorted and has ordered more tests to see exactly whats going on.

Moggie x


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