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T3 vs T4 and or Another?

Hi everyone, i'm so very grateful that i found this site last year and reading your blogs, questions/answers it's good to know i'm not the only one out there. Unfortunately i'm suffering from depression again and am waiting on my blood results on Monday. Last year the private endo i saw put me on 10mg of T3 and 75mg of T4. I had been on 125mg of T4, and apparently i was 'fine' but because i still didn't feel anybetter he's tried to T3 - T4 combination. I just wanted to be armed when i go on Monday as to what else I should ask/try?. Should i ask for full T3 treatment? What is Armour and NDT, are these better alternatives. I'm getting so confused as to what's to do for the best, i just want to be well.

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Sounds like you need an increase in your dose. You're still on a very small dose so it's too soon to say it's not working. Actually, you've been on it for too long. You should have had a test after six weeks and increase if necessary - which it doubtless would be.

Armour is a type of NDT (Natural Desicated Thyroid), It's dried pig's thyroid. A lot of people find it better, but not everybody. Before making yet another change, why not get an increase and give T4/T3 a decent trial.

Hugs, Grey


10mg of T3 and 75mg of T4 is not a particularly high dose, so it is possible that one or other or both need to be increased. The results of your blood test might help to indicate which way to jump. I would definitely persevere with the combination treatment for a while longer, (with tweaking of doses) before contemplating changing to desiccated thyroid, if only because it's much harder to get this on prescription.


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