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referral to a paediatric clinic

Hi - my daughter has just been diagonosed with hypothyroidism. She is 15. Her Gp offerred to refer her to see a paediatrian because of her age and I accepted. (its unusual for him to offer help - I usually have to ask!). My question is - should she see a specialist paediatric endo? Many I have researched on Dr Foster seem only to specialise in diabetes.

My Surgery have sent me a letter advising me that under the NHS choose and book system I have the choice of three clinics local to my area!!

advice welcome


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Hi, Not very helpful. However, remember all diabetologists are general endos first with the same training. I would definitely see a paeds as often adult specialists are too frightened of prescribing the needed dose for a child. Do you have a good children`s hospital ,any where that you can get to? They would have the right specialist, My grand daughter used to see an endo at GOSH ( Great Ormand Street ) obviously they are best but may have a long waiting list, my GD was referred from another consultant ,always best and quicker.You could phonne the diabetology clinic, secretaries and ask, if all else fails. I would definitely only see a Paeds, if she were my daughter.

I hope it ll works out OK for you both.



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