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Huge spike in blood tests any ideas??

Have just left endo. My test results as follows, Have just had another blood test and have to see endo again in 2 weeks. I have been diagnosed with Graves. Currently on 40 mg Carbimazole since Nov 2012, endo just upped that to 60mg per day

6th February

TSH <0.02 (0.27 -4.20)

Free T4 18.1 (12.0-22.0)

Free T3 17.2 (3.9 -6.7)

Antibodies 21 <34

So today I get a call from my GP after asking for my latest results to take with me to endo and she rang me with the following with the same ranges My T3 has gone up to 23.3 and my T4 to 31.7

Endo was perplexed but I wondered if there was any of you that might have had similar. Am seeing him again to see results of blood test today. But I am wondering what the hell is going on. My "arsyness" has increased massively in the last few days well about a fortnight actually. Or am emotional wreck......So all you fabulous people any ideas????

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Have just had another call my T3 is 27.4 and T4 53.1.Please does anyone know what is going on


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