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Help needed reading test results

I have been diagnosed as borderline hyperthyroid and put on 25mcg levothyroxine 5 weeks ago and told to have blood retested in 3 months. Have had hypo symptoms since October'12. Have not felt any improvement since taking Levothyroxine and since 2 weeks ago my thyroid on left hand side has been enlarged and it feels like something is stuck in my throat. Went back to dr today to see if they can increase Levo. Dr took blood to test for antibodies and I am to have a scan on my thyroid and told to wait and see the results of that. I would appreciate help in understanding my blood results which were taken on 12 Feb'12 to understand why I am borderline if I am feeling so awful.

TSH 6.33 (range: 0.4-4.0)

Free Thyroxine 10.1 (range: 9.8-18.8)


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The reason you have been diagnosed as borderline or "sub-clinical" is because, although your TSH is high, your T4 is within range (just!) But what is normal for one person is not normal for another. This is clearly not normal for you or you wouldn't be feeling so poorly. You probably need an increase as 25mcg is a tiny dose.

It may also be that you have Hashimoto's, the autoimmune form of the disease, in which case your thyroid function could have become worse over the last year. If you are feeling this awful then you need an increase. 3 months is far too long to be on a starting dose. 25mcg probably just brought your TSH within range but that doesn't mean that it is right for you.

There was a video by a Dr Hortze (? spelling) that was posted on here yesterday where another doctor said that saying your thyroid function is normal is basically meaningless. He could wake up measuring 5 ft 8 one morning, which is a perfectly normal height and well within the normal range but it is not normal for him! This is the same with thyroid function. Your results may now be in the normal range but it doesn't mean they are normal for you. Normal for you is when you feel well. I personally would be very worried if I woke up tomorrow measuring 5ft4. That would mean shrinking 2 inches overnight. It might be the average height for a woman but 5 ft 4 is most definitely not normal for me!!! Likewise, each of us has a narrow range for thyroid function which is normal for us :)

I hope you get the treatment you clearly need!

Carolyn x


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